domingo, 2 de mayo de 2010

salazar v. buono, 28 abril 2010

J. Kennedy afirma en esta sentencia:

" (...) the District Court concentrated solely on the religious aspects of the cross,divorced from its background and context. But a Latin cross is not merely a reaffirmation of Christian beliefs. It is a symbol often used to honor and respect those whose heroic acts, noble contributions, and patient striving help secure an honored place in history for this Nation and its people. Here, one Latin cross in the desert evokes far more than religion. It evokes thousands of small crosses in foreign fields marking the graves of Americans who fell in battles, battles whose tragedies are compounded if the fallen are forgotten".

Confróntese con Lautsi v. Italie. ¿El paradigma europeo, o el paradigma norteamericano?

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