lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

financing of churches ad religious societies in the 21st Century

Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and Institute for State-Church Relations

are honoured to invite you to the international conference,

held under the auspices of the Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic:


Bratislava and Nitra, Slovakia, October 14-16, 2009

The international scientific conference shall consist of two sections:

the first one will be held on Oct 14-15, 2009, at the Devín Hotel (4, Riečna Str., Bratislava), and the second one on Oct 16, 2009, at the Seminary of St. Gorazd in Nitra. We would be very glad, if you decide to take active part in both sections of our conference. The first section, held in Bratislava, is going to be devoted to the topical issue of financing churches and religious societies, i.e. to the application of various models of church financing in particular countries, the experiences of practical state policies and the considerations about feasible modifications. Participating experts should analyse the development of the financial support of churches, as in the old, standard democracies of Western Europe, so in the arising, new democracies of the post-communist states of Middle and East Europe.

Presentation of specific methods of financing on other continents is also to be anticipated, as experts should outline historical, religious demographic, social, political and other connections between the rise and the routine practice of church financing in various countries, and share their precious experiences with their colleagues. The second section of the conference, held in Nitra, is going to deal especially with the issue of church property restitutions: clarification of circumstances of gaining and losing church property in the course of history, ways of solution of the issue of restitutions in individual post-communist countries, evaluation of this process from the standpoints of states, churches, independent researchers, looking at the situation and the economical merit of the restituted property, difficulties and good experiences. The conference is aimed at the classification and comparison of the current method of financial support of churches and religious societies in several countries and in Slovakia, with regard to gaining experience from approved practice, as well as to avoiding negative phenomena. To share both experiences with overcoming problematic historical circumstances connected with church property and attitudes to restitutions in the modern age, as well as to exchange empirical and scientific knowledge or opinions, capable to support solution-making for state church policy in particular countries. The conference language will be Slovak (or Czech, as the case may be) and English. Simultaneous interpreting will be arranged.

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